Understanding Leads To Compassion

The young one asked, “Boss, how can you have so much patience?” I smiled hearing that question. I was having a chat with one of the Ascendance Team members (http://www.AscendancePro.com). Ascendance comprises of 4 brilliant young teenagers who inspire youngsters to be creative; and in the process come up with ideas to solve world problems.

We were having an interesting conversation about how I work with them. I believe in allowing people to make mistakes and learn. At times, through my experience in life, I do see them making mistakes without realizing. However, I don’t stop them especially when I know that it will be a good experience for them. When they finally realize that it was a mistake, they would normally be a bit disheartened and feel bad about it. Then I step in to cheer them up and get them to move again towards the goals that they have set.

The key thing is, to keep in mind that as they are listening and repeating their goals silently within themselves and taking actions related to their goals; the new programming in their mind is getting stronger. However, the old subconscious mind which has been around since their birth is still a formidable force that will try to bring them back to their old programming by derailing them when they least expect it. This causes much frustration and tension and a feeling of being defeated. It is important to be able snap them out of this by getting them to understand what had happened and be prepared better the next time. At the same time I am also teaching them how to teach and manage situations like this when they in turn are much older and are then teaching a much younger generation in the future.

The Ascendance team – 4 brilliant young teenagers inspiring youngsters to be creative and come up with ideas to solve world problems.

This is the part where the young one asked, “Boss, how can you have so much patience?” I smiled and then proceeded to explain. The subconscious mind is a very formidable force. It has nine levels to it. The core is shaped at the very early part of a person’s life. The first eight years of a child’s development is important. Much of the basic input for the nine levels of the subconscious mind is done during this period of time. After that, the subconscious continues to refine its programming through life experiences. Every experience is taken in from the perspective that is aligned to its programming. The subconscious mind will do whatever it takes to defend that programming even if it needs to cause any type of chaos towards others or even its host. It can cause negative emotions to arise and find fault in others. It has complete control of the bodily functions and can easily make a person sick if its programming is threatened suddenly and with much force. The young one listened attentively.

As such, many are victims of their own subconscious programming. Most are not even aware at all of what they do. They cause “dramas” in their personal lives and working lives just to continue playing the subconscious mind programming. All this in turn affects the world at large when the majority people of the world do it. At this point, the young one asked what kind of general programming that is prevalent currently that is causing massive amount of damage to families, mankind, environment and the world at large.

“The need to acquire more knowledge (not its application)”, “The need to have more money to have recognition”, “competitiveness and proving a point”, “The need to be recognized by society”, “bribery”, “manipulating the truth as it fits ones perspective”, “keeping things in the dark and assuming things”, “finding fault in the others” and so on. At this point, the young one exclaimed that there is so many negative programming, it is almost impossible to correct all of it! I smiled and said that one can start by correcting one negative at a time.

Over the last eight years, through my company ET Ideas (http://www.ET-Ideas.com), I am getting people, especially youngsters to be aware of their creative potential and how it can be used to have a successful and fulfilling life by following what their heart wants. It is my hope and believe that once this creative process starts snowballing among the youngsters (Gen Ys and Gen Zs), we would be able to come out with creative workable ideas to solve world problems, for example the environmental damages, destruction of rain forest etc.

During the Back 2 Basics workshop where people get hands-on experience on car maintenance and emergency repair.

At the Be At Your Best workshop for corporates where participants are exposed to various practical activities to connect to their heart and giving their best as the best returns to them.

Different generations, Heerraa (Gen Y) – Artiste, Nicky (Gen X) and Sanadt (Gen Z) – Video Production Team, leveraging each other’s strength for the production of a music video.

Over the years as I pursued this goal, I have been laughed at, ridiculed, made fun of and even been challenged and almost everyone I knew bet against me. They said I was being an idealist. They said I will run out of money, people I develop will betray me and the world is not going to change. They were just waiting for me to roll over and die. All this happened almost in an instant when I decided to let go of the business I did at that time and channel all my energy, time and money in pursuit of this goal. After making that decision and pursuing it, those closest to me walked out on me. Even those who knew me well started speaking ill of me to people who supported me. A very few believed in me but the rest just turned against me.

Even now after so many years and having developed from scratch a number of successful financially independent entrepreneurs with highly profitable businesses; I still come across many who find fault in my thinking, my way of doing things, my methods of developing the creativity in the youngsters, my believe in the youngsters, my continuous search for ideas for the betterment of mankind and of course some find fault in my entire existence itself! Some who are involved in many activities such as bribery and activities that causes much damage to the environment, ask me arrogantly on how to leave what they have been doing for many years. They write me off by just saying that I am not being practical.

The funny thing is I have helped a number of people who realized the damage they are doing to themselves and the world at large. Slowly, step by step, I help them to transit into a more people and environment friendly businesses. These people realized that whatever money they make will not in any way whatsoever matter twenty to thirty years from now as we damage the environment, the sea levels will rise and most places on earth will be underwater. However, those who change are still very few and the damages by the majority are still continuing at an alarming rate.

There are also those who seek me out so that I can help them to change. However, they don’t follow the instructions. Simple instructions such as listening and repeating their goals they do not practice. Some immediately embark on new goals without following the instructions. Some, after encountering some small successes, they forget the instructions. After trying it out awhile more, they encounter failures because of their inability to understand that it takes time to change and failing is a part of the process. Only through failures can they begin to see how powerful the old subconscious is. This allows them to have respect towards it and take care when they embark on changing its programming. They rush and they fail. Some do illegal and wrong things. Some become aloof and avoid responsibility. Some forget that what they do, involves others. Thus, their actions affect others they work with.

The funny thing is they don’t accept responsibility for their failures and blame everyone else, circumstances and even me for their failure. Then they go around saying the nastiest things about me and even try to influence those who are learning from me to leave.

As I said the above, I took a few moments to rest. The young one looked at me and said, “If I were in your shoes, I would be angry, upset and may even think of giving up. How can you be calm and have so much of patience with them?”

I smiled and said that it was because I understand what they are going through. It is not “them”. It is the subconscious mind programming which is carrying out its program. They are mere puppets being manipulated by their subconscious. Even though at times they are mildly aware of what they are doing and the damage they are causing, it would be difficult for them to do anything about it. The subconscious will remind them that if they change, they will lose what they have (money, power, respect etc) now and society at large would not accept them. The mighty nine levels of the subconscious mind will somehow ensure those who have weak willpower will return back to their original programming in time. Now, the subconscious would become stronger as it has learned how to break their will. The next time it would be more difficult for them to change. Not only that, they will now fight hard to preserve their subconscious programming as they have become a slave to it. They will even go so far to break the willpower of those who want to change by manipulation and lies.

However, it is not them. It is their subconscious preserving its program and ensuring the person follow the programming. As such, how can I be angry or upset with mere puppets. My understanding allows me to have compassion for them. Fighting them will only make their subconscious stronger. What they need is not a fight but compassion through understanding of what really is happening to them. It also allows me to have patience and wait.

During ET Talk Series featuring Jason Leong (Malaysia’s Comedian) sharing his life experiences and success stories with our associates.

At this point the young one asked, “Wait for what?” I smiled and said, “Wait for their heart of hearts….. the Spiritual Heart to wake up…..” The young one nodded quietly. Once the heart awakes, it shatters the subconscious programming for a short period of time. The puppet temporarily awakes and seeks to find its true purpose. Then, my services will be of use again to them if they need and of course if I am still around.

I said again to the young one….. “Understanding what is actually happening to the individual leads to compassion…. this in turn helps you to not react but to respond and be calm and wait patiently…..”

Love & Light

Elango Thiyagu


11th March 2017

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