The Young Ones Rule

A couple of weeks ago, ET Ideas had our annual ET Ideas Awards Nite 2018. During this awards night, start-ups developed by ET Ideas over the years (since 2008) are honoured for their successes achievements for last year (2018).

At the VIP table with ET Ideas CEO, Edward Boey together with my two good friends, Mr Ho and Andre who have been instrumental in supporting ET Ideas initiatives.

The recently concluded 6th ET Ideas Awards Night (with Halloween theme) was exceptional and truly heart warming. This time it was different. It was an amazing night where the young ones ruled. They stepped out of the shadows of the older established companies in the group and started to shine in their own light. Let me explain more.

ET Ideas was established in the year 2008 as a privately funded social business incubator, accelerator and scale up organization all-in-one. The objective is to develop individuals from scratch to become successful entrepreneurs to step out of the system and solve world problems. We DO NOT invite wannabe-entrepreneurs to share ideas, pour money in and try to make it work so that it can be sold to a bigger entity to make a quick buck.

What we do is we develop people. Currently in the world, the “development of people” is generally grossly misunderstood as providing knowledge, getting a job and earning a living. However, at the core making money is prioritized over the development of people. ET Ideas meaning of “development of people” is different. We bring out the best in them over a period of time. This could be a few months, a year or even many years. We get them to “realize” their infinite potential and see the bigger picture of life and how they can use these talents to not just make money but contribute back to society by helping to solve bigger world problems such as reducing the gap between the rich and the poor, reducing and eventually eliminating climate change effects, poverty and so on. A tall order you may say. True, it is. It is a daunting endeavor and many times we almost gave up. However, our believe in our vision, kept us going. Slowly and surely we started to produce results. We now have over 30 companies, big and small that are contributing to our bigger cause. I will write about how what we are doing currently is solving world problems in another article soon. This article is more dedicated to the young ones.

It is my firm believe that the young ones minds are filled with so much of talents and abilities that an entire lifetime is never enough to exhaust them. Every new baby who is born into this world, is far more evolved than the previous generation. They have combined knowledge and wisdom of the previous generations.  What they lack is experience and guidance to harness these amazing gifts. However, the problem is, society (which includes parents, guardians and people around the child in general), due to their ignorance, limit the child’s abilities by feeding old and outdated ideas and believes thus limiting the young ones’ potential. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying this is done purposely. We all give the best to our children hoping they would one day become successful in life. But the question is, what does it actually mean by “giving the best”? This too I will write soon in another article. Like I said, this article is dedicated to the young ones.

Coming back to the award night, the young ones took most of the awards. Young social business start-up, Ascendance Sdn Bhd comprising 4 youngsters aged from 17 to 22 took the awards for Most Outstanding Company 2018 and Best Mentor Award 2018 (shared with two other older established companies). Over the last four years, they had grown by leaps and bounds. Last year, they had worked with more than 1000 students in schools through their Ace It Easy seven months program showing them that they can start on their own careers and contribute back to the world while at school at the same time ace their exams as well. The tremendous improvement in the youngsters they worked with is well documented in Ascendance Impact Report 2018. Mathura, Heerraa, Sanadt and Harsha, I salute all of you. You have done something that I and many others had been trying to do for more than 20 years. You managed to convince the Education ministry to give you a chance to work with the young ones with your team. Your success is shown by the testimonials from the students, their teachers and the principals of the schools you have worked with. This is truly mind blowing. What you have achieved is far more than I could have ever imagined and the thing that gives me the goose bumps is….. I know that you guys are just warming up!

Ascendance team (comprising Mathura, Heerraa, Sanadt & Harsha) bagging many awards that night.

They won the Best Mentor award for grooming many youngsters from being just ordinary to extraordinary. Two of the youngsters developed by them, Vinishyaa and Adrian won the Most Creative Team Award for their collaboration called Creative Captains. What do they do, checkout their Instagram account. Vinishyaa bagged another Young Achievers Award. An amazing achievement for a 17-year-old who just about a year back was a shy, timid, quiet and unassuming youngster that chances are would have remained as it is, had Ascendance not “discovered” her. Now she is the head of Creative Captain and works with many young ones in her team.

Vinisya and Adrian from Creative Captain winning the Most Creative Team Award.

Another group of youngsters, aged 20 to 22, Steven, Vishnu and Laavanya of the Xplore Core team won the Best Team Award. They are truly awesome. After going through the Xplore program, they discovered their passion very quickly in just a year and started working on it. They were also instrumental in getting many youngsters their age to join the Xplore program, discover their passion and work towards making it a reality. In a relatively short period of time, now ET Ideas have many youngsters to work with. We now have Xplore 2.0, 3.0 and upcoming 4.0 in March 2019. We have limited intakes this year of just 120. We keep it small to maintain the quality of our work. Kudos to Ms Valsala Krishnan (CEO of Globetrotter Consultancy who runs the Xplore one year program with ET Ideas team) and Ms Rammya (CEO of ET Boost) for mentoring these amazing Xplore team. Both of them too won the Best Mentor Award for their efforts.

The Xplore Team (Steven, Laavannya & Vishnu) winning the Best Team Award together with their mentors and other youngsters that were introduced to the 1-year life changing program.

A number of the deserving youngsters from the Xplore program are now undergoing Leadership programs with CEOs of established companies. They are learning directly under the CEOs and their management team about leadership, managing companies, marketing and many other related fields by experiencing directly in the companies themselves rather than in a classroom. The 3 year Leadership program scholarship is easily valued at RM 500,000. At the end of the program, these graduates are almost guaranteed of an employment due to the vast experience that they had gained. Some of the graduates, in our experience, prefer starting a new start-up and grow it into a successful business under ET Ideas guidance.

It has been a year now that I have stepped down as the CEO of ET Ideas. Edward Boey took over the helm in January 2018. He is assisted by ET Ideas Council Members; Valsala Krishnan, Joyce Lim, Saranjit Singh, Gengkes and Selvi. In a year, they have brought ET Ideas to the next level.

Looking at the number of youngsters joining ET Ideas Xplore and Leadership programs, the team is definitely doing something right. I am so proud of this amazing team. Well done !

To the winners, I wish Congratulations and for those who did not, you are already a winner by being a part of ET Ideas. The thing to remember is, you guys have just started, there is much more to learn and apply and grow. Stay focused on your goals and achieve them. My sincere hope is that you will find out the REAL reason Nature put you on planet Earth and fulfill your Duty.

ET Ideas family at the 6th Annual ET Ideas Award Nite

Love & Light

Elango Thiyagu

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