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I am writing this in response to a person I talked to about a few days back. She wanted to do what I do. In her words she said, “You are a teacher helping people rediscover their heart and have faith in it and do its bidding.” Pretty big words….. teacher, heart, faith etc. I hope this small write-up would help her to see what is in store for her.

One of the greatest joy I have is working with the ET Ideas group of associates. They come from all walks of life. Some are relatively young and some are my age and a few who are older than me. My heart is filled with joy watching these amazing group of people working together as a team, helping one another to achieve their individual goals, collective goals and finally ET Ideas ultimate goal; which is to provide the younger generation with the right platform to step out of the system and solve world problems (climate change, poverty, overpopulation etc).

A lot of people assume ET Ideas is just another entrepreneur building platform or another networking company. However, what I do is build people by getting them to see how powerful their mind is, correcting the wrong ideas and perception programmed in it, get them to listen to their hearts and get their mind aligned to it. A lot of times it is like rebuilding a person from scratch especially when plenty wrong ideas have been planted in the subconscious mind. This can be anywhere between scarcity mentality versus abundance mentality, superiority versus inferiority, constant victim mode to even racism which can subtly hide itself in the mind. The idea is to get people to be truthful in thoughts, words and actions and learning to trust the heart and Nature to show the path towards success in life in terms of happiness, health and wealth.

If it is just about making money then it would be so much more easier. However, money in the hands of the untrained and unaware mind leads to much misery in life of the individual,the family and of course the world at large. This, many fail to see in the pursuit of material wealth.

So, coming back to ET Ideas goals, since 2008, I let go a lot of my normal activities to pursue the above goal (second paragraph) that my heart wanted. I put in all my effort and wealth into pursuing this goal. Along the way, many came. Some left and some stayed. Most left because they wanted quick results especially in terms of making money. My response has always been that there are many others doing that so please join them. I am also truly grateful to those who have been kind enough to provide ET Ideas with resources needed to continue doing what I am doing.


The ET Ideas family during the ET Ideas Award Nite 2016

Being a teacher, is a full time job in my case. Assessing a student, preparing the lesson plans,teaching the lessons, allowing the student to apply the lessons, allowing them to make mistakes so that they learn, catching them when they fall before they hit too hard on the ground and so on is plenty of hard work. The task becomes more difficult when the student have friends or even family members who ridicule their efforts and look down on the effort of the student to be truthful in thoughts, words and actions to lead a life of happiness, good health and wealth. They are labelled as being idealistic or not realistic or even worse as dreamers.

All this makes my task even more difficult. Every time the student takes two steps forward,he or she is pushed back one step. The thing is, what the friends and family members don’t realize is that I have more faith in the student than they do. One of the saddest thing that can happen to a person is when people don’t have faith in what the person wants to do. Trust me, I know how it feels. I go through it every day.

Sometimes, just to prove their point right, they start looking at the so called mistakes, errors that I made in the past. The immediate comparison would be done by looking at the latest teaching method or some new “guru” who can correct everything through mundane philosophy without doing anything. At times, it amuses me that even in this era of science and technology, people still actually believe that you can go through life learning without making any mistakes. Both teachers and students make mistakes. What is more important is learning from the mistakes.

Some point out to the few that did not manage to continue to pursue their goals due to obstacles they faced which they do not want to handle and lose faith in themselves. I have never lost faith in anyone even if they lose faith in themselves. My faith in humanity is so strong that I have sold every other so called security, eg. properties and put the money into the people that I am working with. The greatest investment is the people and not some meaningless bricks or lifeless financial institutions. However, for those who lose faith and walk away, there is nothing much I can do, can I?

And at times, those who walk away, say the nastiest and the meanest things about me and the people I work with just to justify them walking away. Why? Simply unwilling to accept responsibility and own up to their mistake.

The funny thing is there are also comments on those who I have worked with and are successful today. For example, they were just lucky being at the right place at the right time,yes they are successful but they have not built billion dollar businesses etc. Some are downright mean and crude in their comments. For example, yes they are flying high now but one day they will surely crash down and burn. Go figure?!

As I am working a lot with the younger generations, at times I get parents who ask me whether I can “fix” their children. Some want me to get them to achieve success within a certain period of time. Some want me to get the children to follow their footsteps. Some confuse their children by giving additional “worldly” practical advice which contradicts with what I teach. In my experience, it takes a person at least 5 to 8 years to reprogram the mind and gear towards success (happiness, health and wealth). Of course there are some quicker but this is because their minds are already programmed well due to their environment. It takes longer to “fix” things if there are plenty of problems to solve. If the child’s mind is programmed with plenty “dramas” by the parents or the environment, it definitely would take even longer to “fix”. It amuses me when parents expect me to “fix” their children like I am some kind of mechanic.

I remember a time, long ago when I was in Standard 2. I was about 8 years old. I was very naughty then…… I still am I believe (lol). I never really paid much attention in class especially English. So, I barely passed in one exam. My teacher actually caned me because I was rolling my eyes (getting bored) when she “lectured” me about my results. I was upset and angry. I went back and complained to my dad about what happened. He asked me why I got caned and I said I didn’t get good results. Of course I didn’t mention about the rolling eyes part. Guess what happened? He took a cane that he normally hangs at the study room to remind me to study and whacked me with it more than my teacher did! It stunned me.


My parents and I during dinner while having a nice conversation.

He has never used it before. He kept saying, “You make a mistake and you dare come to me and complain to me about your teacher? Have you forgotten? Remember what our religion teaches? Mother, Father, Teacher and God. The Teacher is placed just below God! Not even the father or the mother. How dare you complain to me about your teacher?” (My parents are practicing Hindus)

The next day, he took off from work and went with me to school and met my teacher. He apologized to my teacher for my bad results and asked if I did anything else wrong. My heart was beating fast that I thought I would have a heart attack! My teacher looked at me and I prayed she doesn’t tell him about my “rolling eyes” thingy. She didn’t. My father humbly asked her in what way he can help to improve my results. They spoke for awhile. After my dad left, she came over and talked to me and advice me the importance of learning English.Later that night, my dad had a chat with me. He said even though the teacher earned less than him, the work my teacher did was far greater. He said he was earning to put food on the table while the teacher was building me.

That whole incident impacted me very deeply. That is why until today I am very uncomfortable when people call me a teacher. It is a huge responsibility. One must be worthy enough to adorn that title.

Well that was the olden days. Nowadays, the world has changed so much. The moment the student doesn’t do well, all fingers point at the teacher. The teacher becomes the scape-goat to be sacrificed. Everyone from the establishment, from parents to the members of the public find fault with the teacher and the teacher’s teaching methods. Of course, the teacher definitely has his or her fair share of responsibility in the failure of the student but doesn’t everyone have a fair share of that responsibility as well? Suddenly, everyone else except the teacher seems to know what is the right thing to do. They forget that the teacher, who has been working hard to bring out the best in that child may have the clues in getting things corrected. The reason is everyone including the teacher learns from mistakes. It is like expecting Edison to get the light bulb to work on his first try. Imagine everyone who had nothing or very little to do with his goal started giving advice every time he failed or even worse shut him and his lab down when he failed. Ridiculous right?

Miss the good old days…..

Well my friend, I hope the above insights help. I sincerely hope to be a teacher is what your heart truly wants and you will succeed in your goal.

Love & Light

Elango Thiyagu

5th February 2017

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