The Old Has To Give Way To The Young

So what’s the latest news? Well besides the fact that it’s now 2018, the next biggest news might be the fact that Elango Thiyagu has resigned as the CEO of ET Ideas and has passed on his role to Edward Boey, founder of Newwave Synchronizer, successful owner of an international business and an inspiring Gen Y. Elango has also made the decision to completely transfer the shares and all the profit sharing each ET Ideas developed start-ups over the years to the Ascendance start-up (formed last year) – a team of 4 youngsters who are out there empowering other youngsters to follow their Heart, achieve success and find solutions to world problems.

Elango with the new CEO of ET Ideas, Edward Boey, during the 5th ET Ideas Award Nite.

I have to say that if this is the first article you’re reading from ET Ideas, this might be a bit too much to take in. So let’s recap a little.

ET Ideas is a business incubator that develops individuals to become successful and live a wholesome life and purposeful life. Founded by Elango back in 2008, ET Ideas has developed over 39 associates and 28 start-ups. Many have come and gone but the ones who have stayed have also grown into better versions of themselves. They are happier, healthier, less emotional, are following their heart, giving back to society and are successful. These 39 people are in different fields, from being chocolatiers and singers to being an accountant or a web and app developer. After having grown for a decade with Elango’s guidance, the platform is now supporting the younger generation by giving them an avenue that listens to their crazy ideas and resources to materialize the ideas that can change and save the world.

So why is Elango giving all this up after 10 years of time and money that he’s invested in this group? The answer is in the title of this piece itself. The old must give way to the young. Elango, a Gen X no matter how different he is from the mass understands that the old has to give way to the new. Share your knowledge and experiences with the young, empower them, equip them with resources but give them their world back. Let them try their ideas out, let them fail, let them make mistakes, let them get up, let them try again but don’t interfere. It is the only way they’ll grow. And only when they try a million different things can they find the solution to problems like global warming, war and so on.

The youngsters in ET Ideas performing for the closing of ET Ideas Award Nite.

Elango shared that the most important thing we have to remember when we do anything is that this isn’t permanent and it isn’t ours. We must always give back to Nature. Whatever we take from this world has to go back to it. But this has to be done responsibly. You must make sure that when you’re giving back, the person who’s receiving it is ready for it. They must be able to handle this, be it wealth, knowledge, ideas or experiences. Misuse of this will only cause harm and it would be on your books as well.

But you have to let go eventually. There’s no point in holding on to things that are limited to this materialistic world. Many successful companies would’ve been developed by its founder over a long period of time to be the success it is today. However the founder wouldn’t have spent time developing the successor. In Asia it is common to rope in the children into their business to become the successor even if they have no interest in the business. And when an untrained or uncommitted person takes over the business, it is very likely that the business fails.

“When you’re training someone to take over the business, you must train them in a way where they have no idea that they’re being groomed but when the time comes, they will be ready” Elango shared. That is the sign of a true teacher.

Elango shared this as he mentioned about how he began training a few different people from the early years of ET Ideas itself and over time, the quantity decreased but when the time came, the successor was ready and in this case it was Edward who was the perfect person to take over his place and run the show. Qualities and characters like attitude, focus, giving people the benefit of the doubt, being able to work as a team and lead them are all things that he looked for in his successor and found them in Edward.

“Some may leave. Some will stay. But ET Ideas will move faster than ever as now a Gen Y is leading the team. It is important to note that the successor must be younger than you and in the next generation. Only then will they grow truly and phenomenally. New ideas have to flow in for progress, which means a new mind has to come into the picture” Elango added.

Letting go also means completely giving the control to your successor once they’re ready and to not come back and interfere every now and then. Be fascinated to see how what you started begins growing by itself. The young ones will take it further with the right support. True empowering isn’t about preaching how the younger generation needs to empowered. It is about setting up a platform, supporting them, letting them try out their ideas and allowing them to fail and try again.

But what is Elango going to do now?

Elango with his abundance of experience, ideas and knowledge has lived life and has ensured that the rest of the ET Ideas Associates also live life aligned to Nature and the 4 stages of Life. What is the 4 stages of Life you may ask. Here’s your answer –

Elango during the 4 Stages of Life Workshop.

Stage 1 – Learning
Learning isn’t just about education and facts. It is also about learning and understanding essential life lessons like Nature’s laws, listening to your Heart, Collaboration, Teamwork, Communication, Being Truthful and being in the right Environment for Growth.

Stage 2 – Experiencing
Here, in the Second Stage, the individual puts into practice what they’ve learnt from the first stage as they experience life; starting to work, having relationships, accumulating needed wealth, traveling, etc

Stage 3 – Contemplating
Once the individual has fulfilled the First and Second Stages as per Nature’s Laws, he/she would be able to make sense of the experiences in his/her life in relation to their personal growth. Also, they can begin to guide others with their vast knowledge and experiences.

Stage 4 – Letting Go
And finally, at the Fourth Stage, the individual is able to be fully engaged in guiding the next generation. In the process they begin letting go whatever resources they have (time, money, knowledge, experience) to the younger generation for them to build their own world. At this point, a great realization will occur that one doesn’t really need anything as one is fully sustained by Nature.

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Elango is now working on travelling around the world as well as locally to share about the 4 Stages of Life to young and old as he believes that this is the key to solving world problems. Only when we give way to the young and empower them can we solve problems that are beyond us. He recently appeared on Bernama Today (Interview Link Here) to talk about this and is looking for institution, events and other places where he can share and share his knowledge and experience.

Elango Thiyagu during his interview on Bernama Today sharing about The 4 Stages of Life.

When one follows this smooth flow, they don’t hoard or hold on to things. As they let go, the young get what they need. Remember that the young will become old one day too and at that point of time they will have to give back all that they got. It’s a cycle. It’s a flow. It is the circle of life. And with that I end my piece here. Wishing all of you a Happy New Year and a great year ahead!

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Experience shared by Elango, written by Yumitra Kannan.

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