The Bigger Picture

Whenever you are embarking on an extraordinary goal….. it is an adventure….. a rollercoaster ride, with plenty ups and downs, super scary moments, exhilarating moments etc.

This incredible journey is occasionally marred by a number of “nonsensical” people who are waiting on the sidelines just to find faults in you, taunting you, deliberately finding ways to run you down through their words and at times by their actions that may sabotage you.

The feeling of anger and frustration may arise. But the truth is if you really think about it, situations like this when encountered, you should feel happy and grateful. You wonder why?

The reason is….. you ACTUALLY have a life 😂 Most of these ignorant insignificant morons never took the rollercoaster ride called life. They just sitting on the sidelines. They are too scared to even try.

It could also be because they tried and faced some setbacks. Rather than realizing that it is just a temporary setback and all they need to do is find a better solution; they unfortunately decide that they failed and the rollercoaster ride is not worthwhile.

Then to make sure they feel good about themselves, they ridicule others and run them down.

On a bigger picture, Nature uses these “obstacle” people to build you and bring out the best in you 😉.

On a even bigger picture. What goes around comes around. Maybe….. you may have done the similar thing to someone else before….. 😉 something to think about 😉


Love & Light

Elango Thiyagu

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