Some People Just Like Things Just As They Are

I had an interesting conversation with a friend this morning. He enlightened me on something that I NEVER thought about.

The topic was about education and life in general. I was sharing with him about Sir Ken Robinson. I briefly explained how brilliant the Gen Zs are and they can do so much for the world through their different thinking and creative abilities. He was quiet and listened.

Then he proceeded to tell me that I am not considering the thoughts of parents like him. I asked him to please share.

He said that parents like him prefer “normal” kids. He doesn’t want his kids to be extraordinary or creative or change the world etc. He just wants them to grow up, go to college, get married and settle down.

I was a bit taken aback and dumbfounded. I asked him why and he said why not. It’s less headache for everyone if his kids just did the “normal” things. Nothing wrong with it. He turned out fine being ordinary. So, they should too.

He continued on to say that all these jazz about listening to the heart, bringing out the best in you, start ups, entrepreneurship etc doesn’t really work for everyone, especially for people like him. He said he is not rich, has mortgages to pay, problems at work, a boss whom he despises and a car that always give problems. He also said he was not happy but he still likes his life. It is safe and he need not worry too much about where the next meal is coming from. He cannot imagine doing anything else.

So, to him it makes perfect sense for his kids to follow his footsteps.

To him there is no point asking why we are on earth, our true purpose etc. The reason is simply because there is no satisfactory answer to it. We are here, so lets just deal with life and die.

He also does not see the point of solving world problems like climate change, disparity between the rich and poor etc. Because he feels no one really cares and he doesn’t see the need to care. As such, no point for his kids to care either.

As he said all this, I nodded in agreement. He was surprised that I didn’t object. He asked me why I didn’t. I said he was right. It is his life. He has made his choice. I can’t force him to choose differently.

So I said to him, at least he was honest about it. Most people say they want to do all that but actually they don’t want anything to change, including their kids.

I thanked him for being truthful. He was taken aback but shook my hand. Then he left.

I learned something new 😉


Love & Light

Elango Thiyagu

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