So, How Do You Solve World Problems?

There we were again at one of Elango’s favorite shop; another lesson and another story awaited me.

ET Ideas – a platform that empowers individuals to step out of the system, become creative, follow their heart and solve world problems was founded by Elango back in 2008. Having slowly grown over the years and now coming to a point where all of ET Ideas’ 43 associates and 28 companies are trying to see how their business and existence as a whole can contribute back to society and Nature by solving world problems, many others question us with a smirk.

“So how do you expect to solve world problems?”

Personally I find this odd. World problems aren’t issues for ‘other’ people to solve. It is for the whole world to come together to solve. Maybe that’s why it exists in the first place, to cultivate unity among us humans.

Elango shared how some ask him questions like “You’re still using a car, you still live in a house… You talk about solving world problems but you’re contributing to the problem itself”

He then moved on to explain. The roots of issues like poverty, global warming, climate change and so on goes into 2 main things – greed and fear. If we humans were happy with what we had, only took what we need and left the rest for others, there will be no fear of having less or not having enough. And this in return would not bring ‘greed’ into the picture.

Let’s take a Lion as an example. When it’s hungry, it hunts. Imagine it hunts a deer. Once it’s done feeding and its hunger has vanished, it does not pack the deer up and take it ‘home’ for the next few days. It leaves it there. And then come the scavengers, and the smaller animals like rats and eventually it’s the tinier insects and then the ground that completely consumes the leftover. The decomposers then nurture a tree or a plant, which is then eaten by some animal that could be hunted in the future.

It’s all a smooth cycle. But fear and greed interrupts this cycle. When one takes more than what he needs, he brings imbalance to this flow. So how is this related to the questions Elango receives? A preacher would not have an answer to such question but someone who’s incorporated the idea into his own life and is living by it will.

You don’t have to live without a roof on top of your head or walk instead of drive to work every day from now on. No. That’s not the solution or the idea. The idea is to only take what you need. You need 1 house to live in, have that. But it doesn’t make sense to have 5 other houses that you don’t live in. Some call it investment but is it truly necessary? Being an investor himself, Elango had let go of his property investments slowly when he realized he was contributing to World Problems through these little actions. Many are unaware of the damage they’re doing, some are blinded by fear and greed and others refuse to ‘realize’ even though the truth is right in front of them.

Using what you need doesn’t just stop with the physical aspects of life like properties, money, food and so on. It all comes back to a very important concept that Elango shares with us – The 4 Stages of Life.

A person’s approximate life span of 80 years is split into 4 parts. The 1st part is when one is busy ‘learning’. From birth till maybe his early 20’s. Note that learning here is not restricted to the formal education one receives in school, no. it is every bit of growing up, becoming conscious and aware of yourself, learning about the world, about yourself, equipping yourself with what is needed to move on to the next stage. The 2nd stage is ‘Experiencing’. This goes on for another 20 years maybe. This is where you’ve got boiling blood running in your veins, a need to achieve and prove yourself worthy. This is when you run after your goals, build a career, a stable life, a family or a relationship. This is when you experience life & put what you’ve learned to test. It is the part when you’re in the outside world getting first-hand experience. And once you’ve done that, you slow down a little as you move into the third stage of life – “Contemplation”. Here’s when you look back into your life, the number of years you’ve spent here, all you’ve learned and all you’ve experienced. You make sense of it. What’s the purpose of this crazy race? And when the answers dawn upon you, you move on to the final stage, what I consider a very important one – “Letting Go”.

The letting go stage is easy to explain but it is the hardest to do. Here’s where you slowly give all you have to the younger generation. Many think that this too is limited to the physical world but again it is not. It’s not just money that you give to the younger generation for them to work on better ideas but your knowledge and experience as well. All that you’ve gone through is now important information for the younger ones. You must let go of this, pass it on to them, guide them but do not interfere with their own ideas. And with that comes a harmonious circle.

The problem we’re facing right now is simple. Many people refuse to move from the 2nd stage to the 3rd and 4th. Again this comes back to greed and fear. You still want to work, earn, accumulate and repeat it like a cycle. But if you do not come out of the 2nd stage, make sense of life and move on to giving back to the younger ones, you’re causing imbalance to another cycle. Greed kicks in and the fear of letting go increases. This in return stops the growth of the younger generation.

Nature is beautiful when you think about it. Every beginning and end is connected. Every part of it requires unity and peace in order for us to not destroy ourselves. And when we go against that, we end up doing exactly that. Every new generation that comes is a better and more evolved version of the one before. They come up with newer ideas, suited for their own era.

There’s a quote by The Native Americans that goes something like – “We do not inherit the world from our elders but borrow it from our children”. When you come to think about it, the young ones are just better versions of ourselves… why would you be afraid to give back to your own self? With the tools you equip them with, there’s so much that they can do. And worry not, there will come a time when they have to pass the baton to the generation after.

Elango said something beautiful during that conversation as he explained to me how each generation made the world better with its evolved ideas. From the first plane to how easily we fly now. From the olden day bicycles to the modern ones now. He mentioned “The metal is the same. But the ideas, the ideas are different”.

Now isn’t that beautiful. Generations and generations of human flesh, they’re the same too. But the evolved ideas… without that we would not be any better than what we used to be.

You see the solutions to world problems are hidden in the younger generation. If we caused the problem, we will not have the solution to it. But the young ones, the evolved ones … if they are given the right tools, the optimal environment, knowledge, experience, freedom and more, their potential will be unlocked and so will the answers to our major question –

“How do we solve World Problems?”

For all of those who are wondering where to look for these tools –

Dear Parents,

Parenting isn’t easy. Your child didn’t come with a manual. But by understanding Nature’s Laws, becoming aware of yourself and how you’ve programmed or can program your child, you will be able to make more difference than ever before.

Your solution lays here – (

As for the young ones,

Following your heart is the key to everything. Meet Ascendance (, a team of 4 youngsters who are out there, meeting youngsters like you, guiding them to follow their heart, face obstacles, come up with solutions, cultivate creativity and solve world problems. You have magnificent potential! Beyond what you can imagine! So don’t waste time imagining, work on yourself and your goals. You’ll see it for yourself!

All you adults who think you’ve gone too far,

That’s never the case. Your potential once again cannot be expressed in words. Listening to your heart, following your dreams and choosing collaboration over this competitive rat race is still very much in your hands. So if you do decide to change, we’ll support you – (


Experience shared by Elango, written by Yumitra Kannan.

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