Rich or Poor?

Cute conversation with someone I met through a mutual acquaintance. Not sure how the conversation started but ended at this:

He: Over the last 20 years of my life I have easily made about RM20M, [blah blah]….. [more blah blah]….. and [finished off with] now expanding the business to make more money!

*Normally at this point I just smile and wish people the best but this time I felt my heart wanting me to engage in a conversation. So, I continued on.*

Elango during his ‘Four Stages of Life’ Workshop

Me: So you feel that you’re rich?

He: Nope…. I don’t feel I’m rich…. I AM RICH
[Said it a bit arrogantly.
Probably my meh way of asking triggered him]

Me: [Laughed… probably annoyed him more]

He: Why are you laughing?

Me: [with a straight face] You are one of the most poorest person I have ever met.

He: [flabbergasted] What? Why do you say that?

Me: It’s pretty obvious. Can’t you see?

He: [Puzzled] No, I can’t. Explain.

Me: Nature is very kind. It has provided enough for everyone’s need but not their greed. I am quoting Mahatma Gandhi.

You my friend, have already taken so much from Nature. Much much more than what you and your family need. Yet you still go back to Nature and beg for more. That makes you a beggar. As such, you are poor.

Also, you have the riches but yet you’re very poor in understanding the purpose of material wealth.

So, you are now poor on two counts. Well, I am afraid that makes you very very poor.

[Me shaking my head and starting to leave]

He: [visibly upset] Then how does one become rich? [He retorted]

Me: By Giving

He: [Laughed] I am giving so much to charity.

Me: [I laughed] How many percentage of what you earn do you give my friend? 5%? 10%? True giving is at least 95%.

He: [quiet]

Me: You claim you are giving so much to charity but actually it is just some measly amount. The real truth is, if you truly give, you will not seek for more.

And the bigger truth is – who are you to claim you are giving charity when it is you who have received charity from Nature?

You are merely a temporary custodian(of the wealth).

When you give, you are just returning back what that never belonged to you in the first place.

Never forget that!

He: How am I suppose to live with 5%?
I have so many commitments [blah blah blah]…

Me: [waited for him to finish]
Hence, not only you will remain poor but get even poorer over time.

He: [stunned]

Me: [got up to leave and my mind wondering why did I listen to my heart and engage in this conversation]

He: [cynically] And how many % are you giving may I ask.

Me: [firmly as I walked away] 99.9%. Soon 100%

He: [quiet]


Love & Light

Elango Thiyagu

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