Pyramid Schemes and Nature’s Laws

These last few months I have been asked a number of times my opinion about the many pyramid schemes that seemed to have mushroomed and grown recently. I was also asked how Nature’s Laws affect those who participate in this.


Measuring Success?

Couple of weeks back, I met an acquaintance whom I have not met for a very long time. I was browsing through some books at the local bookstore when I got a tap on the shoulder and when I turned around, I saw this chap who asked whether I remembered him. I did not and he reminded me who he was and we exchanged pleasantries. I worked with him on a software design project many many years ago. Actually, he designed the software but it had many bugs in it. The chap who commissioned him to do it then brought me in to solve the problems. That was when we met. Needless to say, he was not very happy with me telling him and his boss what was wrong and needed to be corrected. It amazed me that he still remembered me after all these years. As we both had a bit of free time, we decided to catch up a cup of coffee.

He asked me what I was doing now. I didn’t want to go into the details of what I was doing. So, I just said that I live a simple life now. He asked where I lived and what car I drove and so on. They were very peculiar questions, mostly of my current lifestyle. Anyway, I told him the truth. I live alone in a rented apartment and drive a simple old car.


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Corruption (Part 3)

This is a continuation from Corruption (Part 1 and Part 2) which I wrote couple of weeks back….. click here (Corruption Part 1) and here (Corruption Part 2) to read about it before continuing on.

In Part 1 and 2, I explained how corruption takes place in the first stage of life (roughly the first 20 years) and the next stage called experiencing, which is about another 20 years.

In the third stage, which is called the period of contemplation (in general 40 to 60 years old), a person reflects back on life and looks back at their sum thoughts, words and actions and start examining the path of life that they have taken, the skills that they have acquired, people they have met and their reactions or responses when they went through major crisis or positive events in their lives up to then.


Corruption (Part 2)

This is a continuation from Corruption (Part 1) which I wrote couple of weeks back….. click to read about it before continuing on.

In Part 1, I explained how corruption takes place in the first stage of life (roughly the first 20 years). The next stage is called experiencing, which is about another 20 years. This is where the “lessons” of corruption learned during the first stage is applied.

Post 1

Corruption (Part 1)

I am aware that much have been written on the above topic. However, last week while having a discussion on the above with one of the ET Ideas Associates, it occurred to me that I have never really written about what my thoughts are on this. Well here it is….. a word of caution though….. if you are a party to any form of corruption then this article would be very painful to you….


Some of the ET Ideas Associates after an insightful discussion during the Tuesday’s Weekly Meeting

There are four stages in life: ‘learning’, ‘experiencing’, ‘contemplating’ and ‘letting go’. In all these stages, Nature’s Laws ( are always the underlying fundamental. The first stage is learning about the world. It is normally the first 20 years of one’s life. The basic information here helps one to function well in the second stage. Unfortunately, the first stage is also where the first form of “corruption” takes place. Normally, the “corruption” takes place without realization. Let me share some examples.

True Friendship

Recently, I was having a nice discussion with some of the Ascendance Team members ( We were working on their crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo ( We were evaluating the effectiveness of our pitch video and coming up with various new ideas to further reach out to people and make the campaign a success.

As we were doing this, one of the team members, Harsha, said that it frustrates her that when she had sent out the campaign details, most of her closest friends sort of ignored it. She said strangers were contributing to what the Ascendance Team was doing and she cannot understand why those close to us are not responding. Similar sentiments were echoed by some of the other team members.

Bridging The Gap Between The Poor And The Rich (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1 (

After last week’s blog, I got quite a number of questions from the regular readers. I am impressed. I used to wonder if anyone actually reads the stuff I write. I was impressed, it is quite a large number. Thank you. I am honoured. Now, can I please ask you a favour? Can you please share it with your friends because I would like to reach out to as many people as I could, especially the Gen Y and Z.

Generally, the Gen Y and Z who read the first part liked the idea. However, as usual, the Gen X and baby boomers were a bit sceptical even though they liked the idea. They think the world that I described is only possible in a very ideal situation. However, how do we get from where we are, that is here and now, which is truly messed up and eventually grow and evolve to that ideal world? This is what I am going to share today. This is something not in theory but I am already doing it. I am not saying it is the best way but it works.

Bridging The Gap Between The Poor And The Rich (Part 1)

Recently, I had an interesting conversation with Valsala of Globetrotter Consultancy ( over dinner. It was also an extension of our recent discussion over TPPA (Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement), which I had blogged about earlier here [].

Over many years, effort has been made by governments, corporations and individuals to address this issue of bridging the gap between the poor and the rich, basically in material wealth terms. Some governments have set up special schemes to help the poor and give them opportunities in terms of business opportunities and skills training to improve the standard of living. Corporations through CSR help mostly in terms of education, building infrastructure and creating awareness. Many well to do individuals also donate money to help the poor. There are also many other efforts that are taken collectively. Some collect funds and buy groceries for the very poor. Some visit old folks and buy for them what they need. There are those who sponsor smart and intelligent students to further their studies.


I use the word awareness very often during my seminars, talks and discussions. When I work with the ET Ideas associates (, basically I use the word awareness often to get them to see what the old programming of their subconscious mind is doing to block them from achieving their goals. Those who are moving forward and doing well, I help them create awareness on how the old subconscious programming can create traps for their downfall without them realizing it.

At times, those who are struggling, I help create awareness how their new programming is doing its best to help them go through the struggle. Most of the time this is not apparent to them because their mind is focused on the problems they are facing.




During last week’s Be At Your Best workshop by Globetrotter Consultancy, with a group of youngsters and the wonderful support team

The SIEP Principle, My Dad & I

A couple of weeks back, a few members of the ET Ideas group ( and I were discussing detailed explanation of the SIEP concept which is discussed heavily in the Be At Your Best program that I conduct with Valsala ( The SIEP concept basically brings you closer to Nature, its laws (, your goals and ultimately discovering great truths about you.

Some of the associates of ET Ideas have written about SIEP here (The S.I.E.P Principle / The Ripple Effect). Anyway, the gist of it is, a human being has a physical body which includes the senses (P), an emotional body which carries your emotions (E), an intellectual body which helps with your thinking, reasoning etc. (I) and finally the spiritual body which links you with Nature (S). This is the very basic of SIEP.