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Environment. When Elango talks about environment, he doesn’t mean the trees, the sky, the geographical area or the natural elements. What he truly means is the people who surround us. They can be our family, our friends or our colleagues. The main key here is – Who do you spend most of your time with? Those people are the ones who make up your environment.

ET Ideas Associates during the 2016 ET Ideas Award Nite

Building People VS Making Money

“Many ask me this question – Why does it take a long time to build a successful person?” said Elango.

And with that started our conversation on ‘Building People VS Making Money”

So, How Do You Solve World Problems?

There we were again at one of Elango’s favorite shop; another lesson and another story awaited me.

ET Ideas – a platform that empowers individuals to step out of the system, become creative, follow their heart and solve world problems was founded by Elango back in 2008. Having slowly grown over the years and now coming to a point where all of ET Ideas’ 43 associates and 28 companies are trying to see how their business and existence as a whole can contribute back to society and Nature by solving world problems, many others question us with a smirk.

“So how do you expect to solve world problems?”

ET Ideas and Ascendance: Stepping Out of the System to Solve World Problems

It’s truly amazing to see how the young ones in ET Ideas get the perspective of life and the future so well. Here is an article written by Yumitra, a young ET Ideas Associate, after I shared with her my conversation with an old friend.

Check out her blog Pensive Yumi for more of her articles.

– Elango Thiyagu.

Yumitra Kannan – writer, blogger and ET Ideas Associate

Understanding Leads To Compassion

The young one asked, “Boss, how can you have so much patience?” I smiled hearing that question. I was having a chat with one of the Ascendance Team members ( Ascendance comprises of 4 brilliant young teenagers who inspire youngsters to be creative; and in the process come up with ideas to solve world problems.

We were having an interesting conversation about how I work with them. I believe in allowing people to make mistakes and learn. At times, through my experience in life, I do see them making mistakes without realizing. However, I don’t stop them especially when I know that it will be a good experience for them. When they finally realize that it was a mistake, they would normally be a bit disheartened and feel bad about it. Then I step in to cheer them up and get them to move again towards the goals that they have set.

The key thing is, to keep in mind that as they are listening and repeating their goals silently within themselves and taking actions related to their goals; the new programming in their mind is getting stronger. However, the old subconscious mind which has been around since their birth is still a formidable force that will try to bring them back to their old programming by derailing them when they least expect it. This causes much frustration and tension and a feeling of being defeated. It is important to be able snap them out of this by getting them to understand what had happened and be prepared better the next time. At the same time I am also teaching them how to teach and manage situations like this when they in turn are much older and are then teaching a much younger generation in the future.

The Ascendance team – 4 brilliant young teenagers inspiring youngsters to be creative and come up with ideas to solve world problems.

The Teacher

I am writing this in response to a person I talked to about a few days back. She wanted to do what I do. In her words she said, “You are a teacher helping people rediscover their heart and have faith in it and do its bidding.” Pretty big words….. teacher, heart, faith etc. I hope this small write-up would help her to see what is in store for her.

One of the greatest joy I have is working with the ET Ideas group of associates. They come from all walks of life. Some are relatively young and some are my age and a few who are older than me. My heart is filled with joy watching these amazing group of people working together as a team, helping one another to achieve their individual goals, collective goals and finally ET Ideas ultimate goal; which is to provide the younger generation with the right platform to step out of the system and solve world problems (climate change, poverty, overpopulation etc).

My Negative Thoughts and How I handle It…..

Recently, I was having a really nice conversation with one of the ET Ideas associates about thoughts and how important they are with regards to achieving goals. As we were talking about it, he asked me three interesting questions, which were; when does and what are the negative thoughts that arise in my mind and how do I handle it.

I was taken aback by the questions because no one really asked me about them. Generally perhaps, but not specifically. Negative thoughts arise in my mind whenever I make the mistake of attaching some form of expectation with regards to whatever I am working on. Over a long time, I have learned to reduce the expectation a lot. As such, they arise very rarely nowadays. “However occasionally they still do”, I said with a wink. I took a deep breath and proceeded to share with him the following:

Pyramid Schemes and Nature’s Laws

These last few months I have been asked a number of times my opinion about the many pyramid schemes that seemed to have mushroomed and grown recently. I was also asked how Nature’s Laws affect those who participate in this.


Measuring Success?

Couple of weeks back, I met an acquaintance whom I have not met for a very long time. I was browsing through some books at the local bookstore when I got a tap on the shoulder and when I turned around, I saw this chap who asked whether I remembered him. I did not and he reminded me who he was and we exchanged pleasantries. I worked with him on a software design project many many years ago. Actually, he designed the software but it had many bugs in it. The chap who commissioned him to do it then brought me in to solve the problems. That was when we met. Needless to say, he was not very happy with me telling him and his boss what was wrong and needed to be corrected. It amazed me that he still remembered me after all these years. As we both had a bit of free time, we decided to catch up a cup of coffee.

He asked me what I was doing now. I didn’t want to go into the details of what I was doing. So, I just said that I live a simple life now. He asked where I lived and what car I drove and so on. They were very peculiar questions, mostly of my current lifestyle. Anyway, I told him the truth. I live alone in a rented apartment and drive a simple old car.


ET Ideas – a team of entrepreneurs successful in their passionate fields providing platforms for more people to be successful.

Corruption (Part 3)

This is a continuation from Corruption (Part 1 and Part 2) which I wrote couple of weeks back….. click here (Corruption Part 1) and here (Corruption Part 2) to read about it before continuing on.

In Part 1 and 2, I explained how corruption takes place in the first stage of life (roughly the first 20 years) and the next stage called experiencing, which is about another 20 years.

In the third stage, which is called the period of contemplation (in general 40 to 60 years old), a person reflects back on life and looks back at their sum thoughts, words and actions and start examining the path of life that they have taken, the skills that they have acquired, people they have met and their reactions or responses when they went through major crisis or positive events in their lives up to then.