My Negative Thoughts and How I handle It…..

Recently, I was having a really nice conversation with one of the ET Ideas associates about thoughts and how important they are with regards to achieving goals. As we were talking about it, he asked me three interesting questions, which were; when does and what are the negative thoughts that arise in my mind and how do I handle it.

I was taken aback by the questions because no one really asked me about them. Generally perhaps, but not specifically. Negative thoughts arise in my mind whenever I make the mistake of attaching some form of expectation with regards to whatever I am working on. Over a long time, I have learned to reduce the expectation a lot. As such, they arise very rarely nowadays. “However occasionally they still do”, I said with a wink. I took a deep breath and proceeded to share with him the following:

– My mind cringes when I come across youngsters oblivious of their phenomenal potential and worst still convince themselves that they are simply not cut out to achieve what their heart wants…… My heart reminds me to be patient as this could be the programming of their environment and give them a chance and time to change…..

– My mind becomes frustrated when some of the people I work with do not realize the importance of time, the need to work on their craft constantly, learning from mistakes, doing what is necessary in terms of thoughts, words and actions to achieve their goals. Some take things too easy and take me for granted.

They are not aware of the difficulties I had to go through without a mentor long ago. I made many mistakes that took me on a longer route and almost stopped me from achieving my goals. Having someone who had walked the path to guide makes a huge difference……

My heart chuckles and says cynically, “Need to be recognized and acknowledged now, do we?”….. with a solemn voice it instructs….. “Do your duty and never expect the fruits of your labour. Be patient. Nature knows what it is doing!”

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The Ascendance team sharing with young Gen Y’s and Gen Z’s about following the Heart through Ascendance on the Road

– My mind becomes furious when I hear of people misusing government funds. If these funds are used wisely, it could improve the lives of so many people…..

My heart says….. patience….. it is not your duty to judge….. Nature with its phenomenal laws knows what it’s doing…..

– My mind gets irritated when people with no experience with regards to success talk about success to people who do not know the truth. Some try something and fail, then they decide to be speakers. The worst thing is some of these complete failures, take up positions in important organizations because they know someone important who helps to put them there. Although they use bombastic words to impress people, the truth is they are imbeciles who are downright complete idiots, useless and pathetic……

My heart says patience….. in time their true nature will be known….. people especially youngsters need to learn the good and the bad….. so it is good that these people are around….. Nature knows what it is doing…..

– My mind gets angry when I come across people who continue on accumulating wealth far beyond what they need simply because of greed. They buy more properties, driving up prices, making it difficult for ordinary folks to have one for themselves. While they keep on buying new properties, they also destroy much of the environment. They do this even though they know of the warnings of scientists that much of the world is going to be underwater soon, 20 to 30 years time, if this madness and greed do not stop now. Quoting Dr Bruce Lipton, “We are now in the 6th mass extinction triggered by humans”……

My heart says patience….. the awareness is growing….. these are generally the previous generations X and baby boomers who are not going to be around much longer…… generation Y and Z are waking up and becoming aware….. They will somehow find a solution for the damage that is taking place….. Nature knows what it is doing……

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The ET Boost team doing a video shoot of a talk show/program which will soon be broadcast to public

– My mind becomes upset and disappointed when it comes across wealthy people from the older generation who do not believe in the ideas of the younger generation. Some rudely write them and their ideas off. They loudly declare that the younger generations are lazy and difficult to trust. They rather put their money in other forms of investments.

The sad thing is at times, I have youngsters who have fabulous ideas and I had trained them well; however lack of funds makes me delay the project a bit. Although I eventually get enough funds to invest in the youngsters ideas, it still takes time for me to generate the funds. When I approach those that I mentioned above for help, they pour scorn on the youngsters without even listening to the youngsters ideas.

The truth is, at times I feel they are actually scared of the new ideas and the frightening fact that the younger generations are true geniuses whose thinking capacity is light years ahead of them. In fact, I have a few people whom I have helped to become successful in the past who are also doing the same. They look down on the younger ones that I am training now. They do not lift a finger to help the young ones, forgetting the fact that I helped them a long time ago when they were young. They push the young ones away by closing their doors on them…..

My heart says patience….. probably they are not the ones the younger ones are suppose to work with…. continue to work with the youngsters….. build them….. in time they will be a force to be reckoned with….. no one would say “No” to them the moment they start producing phenomenal Results…..

– My mind becomes agitated when youngsters are deceived by professional scammers to get involved in pyramid schemes. The sophisticated manner of which these scammers use to lure these youngsters are downright disgusting. They operate under the pretext of doing charity, giving motivation talks and entrepreneurship. They infiltrate into institutions of learning to recruit unsuspecting students into their schemes. Some students who are taken in by the promises of wealth then start recruiting their friends.

All these eventually make the students become lazy and look for easy money. The worst thing is, nothing can be done until someone complaints to the authorities that they have been cheated. However, when this happens, the scammers would pull the plug and disappear. The funny thing is, no reporters seem to care enough to investigate the truth behind this and write about it. In some instances, these scammers are even celebrated and recognized by the media who are oblivious of their true identities.

My heart says patience….. maybe it is not time yet for them to be exposed…. Nature is wise….. someone who can do something about it will come along eventually and take action on these scammers…..


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Kimbeley Yap, the National Triathlete and SEA Games Gold Medalist, sharing her experiences with the ET Ideas team on going through tough times and how she got back up

– My mind becomes angry whenever anyone writes off Malaysia, saying it is beyond help. I love my country very much. I may not agree with the views and conducts of some of the politicians; especially the ones that give empty promises, say the most ridiculous of things and also inflammatory statements that can cause social disharmony. Yes, my mind do worry whenever it sees the debt levels of the country rising, resources being wasted and how funds allocated are misused. However, we are a growing country that at the present moment is going through some difficult times. That does not give anyone the right to write us off and say disparaging remarks……

My heart says patience….. the baby boomers and the Gen X may have unintentionally caused this….. you build the Gen Y and Z….. they will come together as one and rise above all this and make the country great once again….. As for those politicians and naysayers, the wrath of Nature awaits them….. never look down on a country or its people…..

As I was saying the above, the ET Ideas associate looked sad and had teary eyes. I smiled and checked whether he was okay. He replied in a soft voice that at times he forgets that I am still an ordinary human being. The tendency for him was to think that I am always okay and never really thought much about my thoughts or feelings. He apologized. Needless to say, he was one of the lazy ones and he knew it. I gave him a hug and said that it was okay and I understand. Then I said to him enough of these questions and let’s get back to working on his goals. He wiped his tears and nodded with determination.

I looked at him and said the answer to his last question on how I handled it is….. I let my heart do the talking and listen to it. He nodded again and said he now understands better the power of the spiritual heart.

Love & Light

Elango Thiyagu

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