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My recent conversation with Elango on Following Your Heart and how that sets you on a different path in life.

So the project I’m working on currently is about a few selected ‘Followers of the Heart’. These people have spent most of their time living a mundane and systematic life. Nothing wrong with that but as they went through life, something changed. As I listened to their stories I realized that they all came to a point in life where they felt like something was missing. While it was very obvious for some cases, for others it had an indirect but strong impact on their lives.

ET Ideas Associates during the IAVE Volunteer Conference

Mainly, all their problems can be categorized into them not being happy, healthy and satisfied. These people, though of different ages, had lived almost a similar life – graduated and got attached to work and somewhere along the way, forgot to follow their Hearts. They didn’t spend enough time with their family, they didn’t change their career to what they wanted to do, and they weren’t being truthful to themselves and others. It’s as if everything that they decide against came back to take a bite from their lives.

But why? Here’s where Elango comes into the picture.

You see all these people also had something else in common or should I say, someone else. A mentor (in their case it was Elango) to point out to them on what went wrong, how to change this and how to live more happily. And it all bubbled down to following their hearts, truly and completely.

The Heart we’re talking about here is the spiritual Heart that is one’s compass for live, the one that guides them and holds the blueprint of their journey within, revealing bits and pieces over time. When one doesn’t follow their Heart, they’re living by the influence of the mind. And while the logical mind is very much needed to be safe and to get work done, sometimes you gotta stop it from talking. When you get technical about living, well, you aren’t really living right?

When one isn’t following one’s Heart, he/she will go off track. If their Hearts initially wanted to be a teacher with a simple salary who could impact the lives of the younger generation positively, when the mind get’s in the way, they’re no longer thinking about purpose. Instead they’d start worrying about their financial security, status, buying a house, a car and so on. And as fear and greed seeps in, their original goal is forgotten. They are blinded by the illusion of materialistic things that create a sense of false security and get themselves trapped in the cycle of accumulation. This doesn’t do you well.

Elango shared how he knew many people who had the money but weren’t living a happy life or a healthy one either.

“They justify their existence by pointing out that they have a lot of wealth and that that’s all that matters”

During the Soft-Launch of my new book – Life’s Little Manual, a compilation of experiences of working with ET Ideas Associates

But anyone who believes that is just kidding themselves! Going after the money, not only do you lose your peace and happiness but in the rat race, your health is affected too. And what is life without happiness and health? And neither have you lived without discovering and fulfilling your purpose for that brings the purest form of joy, untainted by ‘security’, fear or greed.

Elango shared how these people who follow their Hearts, though live different lives, do different things and are at different levels of achieving wholesome success (happiness, health, wealth and purpose), there’s one more common thing that links them up –

“Among all of them, there’s a certain calmness that comes with knowing that they are here for a purpose. Not to accumulate mundane lifeless wealth which Vivekananda once called “heaps of rubbish”. But to guide and show the young ones the path of following their Hearts, one that will align them to Nature. One that continues the soul’s journey of evolution to perfection. By having faith in the Absolute and not mundane rubbish. As Krishna said… Choose Me or choose my army… The foolish one following the senses chose the army… But Arjunan following his Heart of Hearts chose Him…”

I believe it comes back to seeing the bigger picture of life. When you’re too consumed by all the little and insignificant things that are happening or by the dramas that surround you, you forget to see this great epic that’s materializing in front of you. You are a part of it. And when the whole of time is shown to you like a movie, you as an individual won’t last a millisecond, you won’t matter. But you and the rest of the world will as a whole because your conscious thinking changes everything and brings you closer to the one and only truth.

So let me leave you with some food for thought. What’s your purpose? Are you following your Heart? Are you contributing to the bigger picture?

To understand the Bigger Picture of Life, get in touch with us to join Elango’s next talk – The 4 Stages of Life.

My sharing about the 4 Stages of Life at an International Conference

The 4 Stages of Life paints the bigger picture of life, purpose and growth. In understanding and internalizing the 4 stages, we will eliminate greed and fear.

The first stage is learning: roughly between the age of 0-20. Here one learns about nature’s laws, listening to your heart, sharing, teamwork, communication, being truthful and being in the right environment for growth.

The second stage is experiencing: roughly begin from the age of 20 to 40 years old. There the individual puts into practice the learning in the first stage as they experience life; starting to work, getting married, having children, having responsibilities, buying properties, traveling etc.

The third stage is contemplation; between the age of 40- 60 years. There the individual has time & money freedom to make sense of the experiences in his life in relation to his personal growth.

The fourth stage is letting go: between the age of 60-80 years. Here the individual guides the next generation using his experience, time and resources.

The current problem is most people are ignorant and get stuck in the second stage and don’t know how to move on to the third stage of discovering themselves. They are stuck in accumulating and hoarding rather than living. This increases the fear of losing and the greed of wanting more. As the hoarding increases, more of the natural resources are depleted creating world problems such as climate change and the increasing gap between the rich and poor and general dissatisfaction in the younger generation. When one moves to the third stage, they stop hoarding and start using the resources for self-discovery.

In the fourth stage, one slowly returns back what they have accumulated from nature, back to nature, by supporting the younger generation. ET Ideas is a successful prototype of living in the 4 stages and sustaining a platform for growth of the next generation.

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Experience shared by Elango, written by Yumitra Kannan.

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