ET Ideas and Ascendance: Stepping Out of the System to Solve World Problems

It’s truly amazing to see how the young ones in ET Ideas get the perspective of life and the future so well. Here is an article written by Yumitra, a young ET Ideas Associate, after I shared with her my conversation with an old friend.

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– Elango Thiyagu.

Yumitra Kannan – writer, blogger and ET Ideas Associate

We settled down in a shop for lunch and soon after that Elango shared another story from his life. This time, an encounter he had had with an old friend.

This friend of his is from the baby boomer generation (those born between 1940 and 1960), a close buddy who has been with Elango through difficult and good times and also someone who is well aware of Elango’s strengths and weaknesses. They had been working together and when Elango decided to leave his successful career to set-up ET Ideas, the friend wasn’t very happy with Elango’s decision. But they had kept in touch because “friends who care won’t really let go”. However he never really took ET Ideas seriously enough to find out about ET Ideas and therefore, never truly understood what ET Ideas was all about. On top of that, he also heard a lot of misconceived and misleading news about Elango and his activities. One day, this friend called Elango up, insisting that they meet. So they did meet, even though Elango was quite unsure why the urgent summoning.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

That’s somewhat how their conversation started. It was followed by an outburst about Elango’s lifestyle choices and ‘news’ that was travelling around. Assumptions and false claims like “You’re wasting money” “Going out with lots of different women” “Unconcerned about your future” “Neglecting your parents”. But underneath everything was genuine concern.

Elango patiently listened to this, only stopping to correct the most critical misconception, that he was neglecting his aging parents. The friend’s grouses didn’t end there. It just took a turn towards how well he himself was doing and how Elango has to look out for his future as well. “The world will be seeing tougher times not too long from now and we have to prepare for it.” A typical advice when one worries for someone he cares about. Sadly not all his concerns were based on the truth. But Elango didn’t interrupt just yet. He continued listening patiently.

The friend then moved on to addressing the education system and how ET Ideas is ‘against it’. Once again Elango had to clear the misconception. Though his friend thought that if the education system worked for the older generation, it should work just fine for the younger ones as well, Elango believes that the education system needs to evolve with time to cater to the specialized needs of each generation so that we can tap into children’s full potential. It is very clear to us that children these days are shutting everything out, they’re ‘zoning out’ as one would say and becoming disengaged. If we don’t change our ways, we would not connect with them and it is highly likely that the newer generation is going to be totally disconnected.

The conversation went on till the friend was tired and took a break. Aware that all this was coming from a man who truly cared, Elango decided to set things straight. And that my dear reader, is what I have summarized below; what Elango truly does, what ET Ideas is all about and why we exist.

ET Ideas is a platform that was founded in 2008 by Elango Thiyagu. The reason was, he became aware the massive chaos human beings were causing the planet that was eventually going to threaten our very existence as a species. This is due to excessive greed and fear that lead many, without realization, to plunder Nature’s precious resources and monetize it. We are more concerned with hoarding rather than using only what we need. After realizing that the world needed something different, Elango set off on a journey to build a team of goal-focused entrepreneurs who live life following their heart’s bidding and the 4 stages of life (Learn, Experience, Contemplate and Let Go). Thus, he created a platform that supports youngsters who live by Nature’s Laws, step out of the system and solve world problems.

ET Ideas team with Tony Meloto, the Founder of Gawad Kalinga, during the ASEAN Solidarity to End Poverty by Creating Shared Prosperity Conference.

ET Ideas with its current count of 29 companies and 43 associates, all in various fields, is providing the much needed support for youngsters to make a change through the sharing of resources, skills, experiences, knowledge, ideas and so on.

The creative ideas that can resolve problems like poverty, global warming, and depression, to name a few, are locked in the minds of the Gen Z. However, it is becoming harder every day to connect to these young Gen Zs as not many of us know how to handle these delicate hybrids beings. You either build the bridge with a meaningful connection or you shut them down completely.

In order to tap into their potential and creative innovative ideas we need to earn their trust and love. We need to empower them and give them the resources they need to spark off the fire. And by building successful entrepreneurs and happy individuals who aren’t bound by the system, ET Ideas is preparing this platform for the young ones to come together to build a new world, their future.

Elango started this journey alone, not for any selfish reason but to fix the damaged world to which he believes, he had contributed in one way or other.

We have snatched away something precious called time from our kids. But we will not snatch hope away from them. Almost 97% of the scientists out there agree that we have very little time to come up with a solution to counter climate change and its devastating effects. Some say the humanity would last another 30 years while some others claim that it may last only 10 years. However the elite 3% are fueling people’s ignorance towards such an alarming issue. Just because you’ve never experienced it before, doesn’t mean it can’t happen now. This is no longer the destruction of nature, this is the end of mankind we’re talking about.

If we are the reason our kids won’t go past their childhood to experience all that we have experienced, we are certainly at fault. But our guilt or temporary sadness takes us nowhere. ET Ideas isn’t about penance. It is about giving these young ones a fighting chance. It’s about backing them up with everything they’ll need and giving them back their world.

And as a proof that our methods are working, we have Ascendance, our young members of ET Ideas! Ascendance is a team, currently consisting of four youngsters ranging from ages 14 to 21 years, who are taking ET Ideas to an online platform and making it a global arena where the Gen Zs can come together and work collaboratively to make their own lives a success while looking for solutions to solve world problems. Ascendance is showing that they, who were once so plugged into the idea of being ‘ordinary’, have courageously stepped out of the system, have broken perceptions and walls, and are working towards their heart’s desires and striving to change the world. They are making a difference.

Ascendance team with the Deputy Minister of Education, Dato’ Kamalanathan, sharing about the programs they do to empower youngsters.

These four youngsters, through their Ascendance Community and Nation memberships, Ace It Easy program and the Ascendance on the Road (AotR) project, have reached out to numerous youngsters and are giving them the courage, support and the necessary skills to work on their passion while still managing to do well in their studies. Ascendance has also managed to collaborate with many successful businesses and social entrepreneurs to give opportunities for young people to obtain first-hand experiences of working in various fields.

ET Ideas and Ascendance know clearly that this world can and will be saved by the younger generation. However, for that to happen the younger generation has to be empowered and this can only be done by giving them a chance to explore, discover, experience, fail and rise back up and because through all these experiences a generation of brilliance that can claim their world back with all its glory will soon emerge.

Ascendance featured on Vizluthugal, a program by Astro Vaanavil recently, sharing the work they do with youngsters.

Elango, who has followed his heart since young and started his first business when he was 12, has experienced many things in life. After learning how the mind works and testing it out in real life, he believes, that with the right approach all this is possible. And with that ET Ideas was formed. Everyone in ET Ideas believes in the same core principles that staying true to one’s heart and dedicating oneself to goal-focused hard work, one can achieve tremendous success. As they master the mind and how it works, they can then use it for bigger causes such as solving world problems.

Climate Change, War, Depression, Racism, Sexism, Poverty, Unemployment, Scarcity, Discrimination, Overpopulation, Abuse, etc are all very real. They do exist! They exist from the smallest most unrecognizable forms to the major obvious ones.

ET Ideas came to me when I didn’t even know I needed it but when I look back, I wouldn’t be here and I won’t be the person I am today without them. And from a teenager who was so conflicted between following the system and living a happy life, who was stressed out merely for a school test which was supposed to determine my life path, who was bordering depression and was contemplating on life, I have become a happier person, working on my passion and hope to create a better world for others and myself. I hope this reaches out to you and it snaps you out of your bubble of false security which you have built around yourself. Because world problems are real. But there is hope. You are the hope, so am I. We are the hope. As an adult there’s so much you can offer to the young ones – knowledge, experiences, guidance, support and love. And as a kid you need to know that you are our chance, our strength and our solution. And together this is your world! So come, claim it.

Coming back to the conversation Elango had with his friend. Roughly quoting the man himself, “I agree you’re successful and you’re doing well for yourself. You’ve secured a future for your children by saving up for them. But will all these wealth be of any use if there is no more civilization? If the civilization is going to end in the next few decades, your wealth will also be destroyed along with it. But by me doing what I am doing, even though I have far less wealth then you and probably won’t last me long; I’m giving the next generation the chance they need. This is no longer about you and me; it’s no longer about us. It is about them. I am doing this so that you, your children and others will have a world in the future to live in! Join me in this battle or don’t stand in my way my friend!”

“When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, it is you who belong to this land”

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

-Words of wisdom from the Native American tribes-

Written by,

Yumitra Kannan

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