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Environment. When Elango talks about environment, he doesn’t mean the trees, the sky, the geographical area or the natural elements. What he truly means is the people who surround us. They can be our family, our friends or our colleagues. The main key here is – Who do you spend most of your time with? Those people are the ones who make up your environment.

ET Ideas Associates during the 2016 ET Ideas Award Nite

There are many different kinds of environment. You might be a part of an environment that’s highly emotional. Or maybe it’s an environment that’s highly intellectual. Maybe it’s a group of people who like to complain and whine about stuff all the time. Or maybe your environment is the strong-willed group of people who break through obstacles. Whatever it is, your environment and the people who make this up will have many things in common, almost like a theme. And given that you spend most of your time with these people, these common traits prevail in you as well.

When you think about it, the people who make up your environment are actually people you attracted to yourself through your vibrations. If you’re a very intellectual person who’s always engaged in mind-blowing conversations, then your environment will be made up of similar people. You will not have a group of friends who aren’t intrigued by the topics you are intrigued by. And if you’re someone who loves literature, critical thinking and character analysation, you will not find yourself confortable in an environment where people indulge in 2 dimensional characters and cliché series on TV. Successful businessmen have their own circle of successful people who they mingle with and the poor only mingle with the poor. You do not see these people mingle with one another. Their environments are polar opposites.

Movie outing with ET Ideas team

But did you know that you can also create your own environment? Well it’s quite simple in theory. If your thoughts, words and actions are the ones that attract to you the people who make up your environment, then by tweaking that, you can change the environment you attract to yourself. You see, your thoughts, words and actions are all made up of energy. When you constantly think of something, repeating it over and over again in your mind, you create a magnificent gravitational force and immense energy. This energy then should be channeled towards your goals in terms of words and actions. Use the energy to make your efforts progress your goal from an idea to reality.

ET Ideas – with it’s 28 companies and 43 associates has a main environment with a common theme – Goals. But this goal-focused environment with goal-oriented people was an environment created by Elango. Through constant repetition of goals and immense focus on creating a team of successful individuals, Elango attracted people relevant to making his goals turn into reality. He took conscious effort and harnessed immense willpower to only think of goal-related things so that over time he’d attract all who are needed to form the bigger picture.

‘How to get creative ideas?’ Workshop by the Founder of ET Ideas, Elango Thiyagu to other ET Ideas associates

Not many people in life are goal focused. Goal focused here means to have your thoughts, words and actions aligned and focused on something. Though you may jump out in defense saying you are very much ‘focused’ on your goals, when you truly observe your thoughts, words and actions, it becomes evident that most of us find it hard to have these 3 things aligned and aimed at our goal for long periods of time. And not being goal-focused could lead to you just waddling through life, unsure of what you want from your existence, and eventually getting entangled in life’s rat race, only to die after a purposeless mundane life.

So it is important to be goal-focused, to have something that you’re invested in achieving. A purpose.

Now after having grown so much, the ET Ideas environment has started forming its own mini-environments and teams. Again, this is the repetition of goal-focused thoughts at play. Each individual in the ET Ideas team has a goal they’re working towards. Some have common goals as they’re working in a team like ET Boost & Ascendance. When they constantly repeat their goals, think about it and take actions related to it, they attract to them, people and resources needed to achieve this goal. And soon enough they create their own environment.

Kas from Key Term ( is one of the most successful ET Ideas associate. She is also one of the pioneer associates. Though Kas is still attached to the main ET Ideas Environment, she has now moved on to create her own team/environment of people who are related to her business’ goals.

Gen from Chess Master Journey ( has a similar situation. Though he is still connected to the main team, Gen has his own team/environment of people who are turning his goals into reality.

Both these people are examples of how constant repetition of goals and goal-aligned thoughts, words and actions attract to you your own environment.

Now coming back to the mini-environments in ET Ideas.

There’s a team of people who are always working on their goals, are taking actions towards their goals and are moving towards their dreams.
There’s ET Boost, which has formed its own team of production crew and through focused repetition, is attracting new people to its team.
There’s Ascendance – they’ve grown so much over such a short period of time and the different characters that make up the team also bring balance to it.
There’s the older generation who are striving hard to come out of their programming and do wonderful things. Their willpower is legendary.
There’s Joyce and Edward who are at the peak of their game. Their goals are related to the main ET Ideas Group and hence they’ve built the grounds for us.
There’s also a team that’s hasn’t made much progress but the vibes of the team has managed to attract them and maybe with time, they’ll find their momentum and growth.

But all these teams/individuals are on the journey of growth. And something vital that they all need is guidance. Repetition of goals isn’t enough. You see when you repeat your goals, you generate a lot of energy. And if there’s no outlet for this energy, you’ll heat up and have a meltdown. One has to be guided carefully to channel this energy in the right direction, towards their goals, in the right manner so that when and if the meltdown takes place, the individual does not completely lose faith and give up on all their progress and walk away. They have to be shown and explained the mechanics of what happened and how to progress further.

In the end, all these little environments come back to the bigger one and through the links and webs we form to help one another out, we allow the younger generation’s core strength to prevail – COLLABORATION.

The youngest team in ET Ideas – Ascendance, working with working with a group of youngsters to ace their exams while at the same time discovering their passion at a young age

“Nature cannot do for you what it can only do with and through you”

To succeed, you do not need pre-accumulated knowledge or experience. You need a goal and an environment that can take you forward!

Experience shared by Elango, written by Yumitra Kannan.

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