Conversations With My Mother (Part 1)

It was a nice morning. I was visiting my mother and we had an interesting conversation. This particular one was about being happy. As usual, we were talking about events happening in her life and in mine. And that led us to the topic – happiness.

Elango with his parents

She wondered why ‘happiness’ seems to be an elusive thing to a lot of people.
I then shared my following thoughts on this.

Many pray for happiness and yearn for it… as if happiness is something external and one must strive to achieve it. Both the rich and the poor think this.

But the truth is this – happiness is within, not without. The previous statement may sound like a cliche but it is the truth.

While they pray for happiness, many hold grudges, anger, hatred, frustration and whatever else against other people and themselves. It is like pressing the car’s accelerator and slamming on the brakes at the same time. The car doesn’t go anywhere but the resistance and heat builds up and destroys the car eventually.

Similarly, as they keep doing this in their life, praying for happiness yet having negative thoughts, saying negative words and doing negative things, they continue to feel helpless and lost. They feel that Nature is not helping them.

All that negativity clouds the TRUTH within them which is… they ALREADY are joy and happiness.

As they “let go” by seeking forgiveness, forgiving, agreeing to disagree, allowing bygones to be bygones, accepting people, loving without condition, understanding and being compassionate to their own self and others; they remove these clouds within and allow the light of TRUTH to shine.

My mother was quiet for a while, listening and nodding. I smiled and continued relating to her an incident in Mahabharata.

Krishna was asking Arjuna and Duryodhana to choose either Him or his army. Arjuna wisely chose Krishna and Duryodhana foolishly was happy to choose Krishna’s army. Krishna symbolizes Unconditional Love, the greatest force in the universe. His army symbolizes everything else worldly, material, desires, emotions, wealth etc, but devoid of Krishna (Unconditional Love).

Without Unconditional Love everything else becomes meaningless and haywire – in other words utter ignorance.

My mother’s eyes lit up.
She nodded and smiled.
So did I.

Elango Thiyagu

Experience shared by Elango, written by Yumitra Kannan.

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