Building People VS Making Money

“Many ask me this question – Why does it take a long time to build a successful person?” said Elango.

And with that started our conversation on ‘Building People VS Making Money”

Elango, the founder of ET Ideas – has developed many individuals and businesses to become successful over the past years. On this course, he faced many different types of people in life and most question him on why he does what he does – develop people. Because developing people isn’t an easy task, it is both time and money consuming. And often out of curiosity they wonder why he hasn’t resorted to just building successful businesses with the years of experience he has. Why take it another level further by ensuring that the people running these businesses also grow?

“Building people is very very very important. If you’re looking to make just money, don’t come to me. There are plenty people out there teaching how to just earn money” he said.

In Elango’s perspective, having all the money you want but not having the proper foundation, for example, right characteristics, personality and ability to think, can ruin you.

“Making money is easy but you tend to lose yourself in the process” he mentioned. Someone who’s built him or herself, worked on their skills, gained experience and has grown as a person would be more stable when they get money than the ones who haven’t. They’ll earn their dreams with credibility, it lasts longer and if at all they were to lose it, they’d know how to grow from the experience and come out of it.

This is why we often see ‘one hit wonders’, people who make it to the top out of nowhere and hit grand success but it wears off and they don’t know how to do it again and would eventually just become people who we used to know.

If you are the seed of a big mango tree that has grown over the years, accumulating experience and knowledge, then you’d have a lot of layers to clear out before you truly understand yourself. And growth often requires weeding out the unnecessary, cleansing your perceptions and rebuilding back what you thought you once knew. It is not an easy process. Which is why building people takes time, especially those who’ve gone through a lot of things in life. To unlearn all you’ve learned and to start back again takes more than ordinary willpower. You need to have the right environment, just like how a seed would need sufficient sunlight and water. And the person who guides you is like the fertilizer, giving you the motivation needed by explaining the process of growth to you, so that during tough times, you do not cave in.

There are many elements that play a role in building a person. Elango personally ensures that the people he works with abide the Laws of Nature. 7 of them are highlighted in detail in his book – The Seven Basic Laws of Nature and more scenarios in his other book – Living The Truth. In the earlier book Elango talks about the 1st Law of Nature – Energy returns back to source. In simpler words –
what goes around comes around. Whatever you think, say and do is made up of energy and energy always finds a way back to its source, be it negative or positive, what you send out is what you’ll receive.

There are also other laws that he explains in detail about, like –
Law of sowing and reaping
Law of Balance
Law of Vibration and Attraction and many more

These build the fundamental base of growth for any individual who works with him. By understanding Natures Laws, an individual takes responsibility for his/her thoughts, words, and actions. And through encountering many different scenarios and experiences that teach life lessons, people grow into better versions of themselves, being able to handle more than they could before.

“When the money comes too early, a person with not enough experience to handle it can lose the money as fast as they earned it. And if there’s arrogance and ignorance, you wouldn’t want to learn anymore. This stops an individual’s growth.” It is okay to not earn much in the early stages says Elango. Building up your foundation determines the future of anything you earn, be it experience, credibility or money.

To clarify with examples, Elango highlighted the stories of a few of the individuals he first worked with back in the days.

Edward Boey sharing his experiences on record for other entrepreneurs to learn from, in collaboration with Ascendance

Edward, Founder of Newwave Synchronizer, spent years building himself up with Elango’s assistance. He continuously learned, improved himself and found better ways to do what he was doing. There were no doubts in the teacher who guided him and with patience and time, Edward now earns well for himself but is still grounded and goal-focused, away from the high possibility of swaying when the coins hit the pocket.

Joyce Lim, on one of her recent travel adventures where she had profound realizations on ‘experiencing vs. accumulating’

Joyce, a successful accountant who’s earned her time and money freedom has realized that accumulation isn’t the goal, experiencing is and has moved to that very path, refusing to lug unnecessary worries with her.

Kas and Elango during one of ET Ideas’ events, her growth over the years in a heartwarming one indeed

Another associate – Kas, is one of Elango’s most diligent ‘student’ and successful entrepreneur who manages the Key Term Group of companies. In the early days of learning, one of the profound lessons was to uproot herself from the top sales position in a company and change to a different one and work on being the best there as well. This continued with at least 2 other companies and she followed his instructions without question. Her salary dropped by 60 – 70% each time she changed but she managed herself. Every time she came back to the top sales position in a relatively short period of time in each company. It allowed her to manage the different emotions and improve her goal setting and achieving skills to be faster and more efficient. It eventually equipped her to build and handle the successful businesses she’s managing now.

Gen with his team of chess trainers during a corporate video shoot

Gen – our Malaysian SEA Games Bronze Medalist and well known Chess Master was once a factory supervisor who moved to teaching Chess after realizing his passion and wanting a better life for himself and his family. When Elango was still guiding him in the earlier days, Gen would struggle to break even with his cost with what he earned. But he worked hard, abided Nature’s Laws, learnt from his mistakes and grew into a successful entrepreneur and now he trains many young children who represent our country overseas and fill our hearts with pride.

All these people have something in common. If you’ve watched any version of the ‘Karate Kid’, you’d remember the iconic and powerful scene of the apprentice getting angry with his master for not teaching him anything ‘relevant’ to Karate. Instead the master makes him do petty chores in a repetitive manner. And during his outburst the master attacks the apprentice and the apprentice manages to block the blows, only to realize that what he considered irrelevant and petty had shaped core elements of his journey. From that point forward he follows the master without question, surrendering his growth to his master and having faith that it will be justified. The 4 people mentioned above and almost anyone who wants to grow as a person, guided by someone more experienced need to trust their guiders and follow what is taught wholeheartedly. Without faith and commitment, growth is hindered, time is prolonged and what could’ve been achieved easily is made harder.

Elango ensures those that he works with are firmly established in the 4 stages of life (learning, experiencing, contemplating and letting go). This allows them to see which part of the 4 stages they are currently in. They also become aware through experience the true purpose of money and using it wisely in accordance to Nature’s Laws.

As the person who is trained is ready, Elango then invests money to start the business and the lesson continues. With the sound foundation, the person he had trained manages the business holistically, following Nature’s Laws and truthfully. The knowledge and experience gained is then used to not only build the company but also other people in the course of the business.

Elango is often questioned about how much money he makes with the businesses he helps individuals build. In the beginning, he spends more than what he gets but of course over time, the businesses become successful and he gets his portion of the profits. He then reinvests it back into new entrepreneurs.

He says, “Making money would only benefit me. Building people, even though it is difficult and time consuming, is far more satisfying. The reason is those who learn and apply well will eventually build other people who in turn build more people. As this goes on, we will build a world that focuses more on people than just money.”

Experience shared by Elango, written by Yumitra Kannan.

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