About Elango Thiyagu

Elango Thiyagu, an entrepreneur, and investor explored and studied the dynamics of the human mind and have applied it successfully in his personal life and business for more than 30 years.

Starting his first business at 12, his wide range of business experiences include software development, safety and health industry, training and development of people and providing consultancy services to improve organizations.

He is famous for his hot-selling book – The Seven Basic Laws of Nature that explains the fundamentals of the universe as well as his two other books; Living The Truth and Koleksi Artikel Kesedaran Diri.


He has impacted more than 100,000 lives through his Bio-Cybernetics and Health & Safety training programs.

He was also a successful investor in the financial markets, giving him the financial freedom to move into the third stage of life and formed ET Ideas in 2008. He mentors individuals to listen to their hearts and pursue their goals. He guides them on the path to success by educating them on the Laws of Nature and gets them to experience the laws through their ventures.

Elango founded ET Ideas – a platform that empowers entrepreneurs and individuals to step out of the system, follow their passion,be creative and discover solutions to world problems with the concept of the Four Stages of Life ingrained in it. Through his mentor-ship, the ET Ideas associates have managed to achieve substantial, sustainable success while living according to Nature’s Laws. To date, there are 29 successful companies and many more associates in the midst of forming new companies through Elango’s guidance over the last 10 years. One of them being Ascendance.

Ascendance, a team of 4 youngsters aged between 15 to 21 who are part of ET Ideas, now spreads the message and movement of ET Ideas to the next generation, Generation Y and Z.

Through Elango’s guidance, Ascendance is creating a generation of youngsters who understand the bigger picture of life and live in the 4 stages, thus eliminating fear and greed and creating a creative and collaborative lifestyle in their generations.

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