A Surreal Experience In Nepal

I had the most surreal long weekend. Last Friday (20 April 2018), ET Ideas core team comprising Edward, Valsala, Saranjit and I were in Nepal to explore ideas on starting a new business incubator in Nepal with a group of local young and energetic Nepalese entrepreneurs. The core ET Ideas Nepal team is led by Mr Sandeep Dhawa.

Sandeep, over the last one year has been coordinating this effort with Saranjit of ET Ideas. After studying many different types of business incubators and accelerators around the world, he particularly liked how ET Ideas model is. The reason is, first, we are grounded on humanity and Nature’s Laws. Ensuring profitability of the startup is important but what was more important is not to lose one’s humanity in the process. Second is because of our success rate of 80% which is much higher than the norm.

(From left to right): Edward Boey, Valsala Krishnan, Elango Thiyagu, Sandeep Dhawa, Saranjit Singh

On the first day, our flight was delayed and we arrived very late at night. Sandeep and his core team (Subrath, Ishvar, Mahesh, Rajendra) were kind enough to receive us at the airport and somehow managed to get us to a restaurant for food as we were pretty hungry. We had very nice food at Kings Lounge. The owner who is a friend of the Nepal core team was kind enough to reopen the kitchen for us. We had brief discussions on the plans for the next day. After which they were kind enough to send us to our hotel.

The wonderful Nepal team welcoming us from the airport.

Dinner at Kings Lounge

The next day, Sandeep picked us at the hotel and brought us to the workshop venue where we met many more entrepreneur like minded ladies and gentlemen.

It was also a humbling experience to see a number of well established educators, trainers and high ranking officials willing to listen to the ideas that were presented. There were plenty questions and also serious moments especially when I shared what makes ET Ideas different from other business incubators on the planet.

Sharing my experiences on how ET Ideas was developed.

In the afternoon, Valsala, Edward and Saranjit shared their experiences on being groomed to having their own profitable startups over the years. Towards the evening, Sandeep too shared his experience on how his believe in his goals and actions taken that led to this historical event taking place. This further emphasized the importance of goals and taking relentless action in making the goal into reality.

At the close, Mr Ravi Bhattarai who is a well known educator and motivational speaker was kind enough to close the workshop by summarizing the whole day’s event to the participants.

Then the ET Ideas Nepal team and ET Ideas Malaysia team had a long discussion on the next steps planned. Later that night, Subrath who is a successful business man and motivational speaker was kind enough to drop us back to the hotel.

The next day was a pleasant surprise as Subrath arranged for an interview with one of Nepal’s oldest but leading business magazine, New Business Age. Ms Neekita, the reporter asked questions with regards to how we are going to work with the Nepalese to ensure the success of the new incubator. Sandeep and I answered the questions. Later, the photographer, Mr Pradip took some photographs.

Ms. Neekita interviewing me to be featured on New Business Age, Nepal’s leading business magazine.

After that, Sandeep and Subrath got Niraj and his friend Jeevan who came with his Land Rover and took us around Kathmandu and then for lunch we went to Sakar’s shop Crust Pizza. There we were joined by Mahesh, Ravi Bhattarai, Sandeep Dhawa, Sandeep Dharel, Subrath and Sakar Sharma [who owned the shop]. We continued our discussions and also had plenty question and answers on how ET Ideas develop successful entrepreneurs.

More discussion with the team at Crust Pizza.

Later we were brought to a popular tourist spot, Pashupatinath Temple. We had an interesting long walk. Sandeep and I had a conversation about how to proceed further on an idea he had.

Then, they all dropped us on time at the airport for our flight home.

Overall, the whole experience was truly surreal and shows how powerful the subconscious mind is. I have always wanted to replicate and share with others how I developed ET Ideas into the success it is today. And, here over 3,000km away from Malaysia, I find these eager young trainers and entrepreneurs seeking the same and working in making it a reality. They are truly amazing, especially Mr Sandeep Dhawa. Over the last one year, with very limited resources, he had made this event a success. He had gathered many like minded people who wanted the similar goal.

I would like to thank Sandeep and everyone else who took their time off from their normal daily work to assist us when we were in Nepal. Our humble gratitude.

ET Ideas Nepal Team

Love & Light

Elango Thiyagu


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