Some People Just Like Things Just As They Are

I had an interesting conversation with a friend this morning. He enlightened me on something that I NEVER thought about.

The “Educator”

I was having a conversation with an “educator” couple of days back. He was ranting about how ungrateful the youngsters he was working with him were. He said he was doing whatever he could to prepare them for the “future” including spending his own time, money and effort much more than he was being paid for.

Elango at an outing with ET Ideas associates.

The Bigger Picture

Whenever you are embarking on an extraordinary goal….. it is an adventure….. a rollercoaster ride, with plenty ups and downs, super scary moments, exhilarating moments etc.

The Tale of Two Students: The Reason Why The Education System Needs To Be Reformed

Recently a number of students within the ET Ideas team got their exam results from their respective colleges. Some did exceptionally well and some did above average.

Personally, I have never been keen in college/ university exam Results and will always give the “duh” expression when people tell me of it. Why? Because I have met enough people in my life to see that college or university education never really determines one’s success in life. Does it help? Yes and No. Yes, at times it does and at times it hinders one’s true potential. Are you puzzled by my answer? Let me explain.

Rich or Poor?

Cute conversation with someone I met through a mutual acquaintance. Not sure how the conversation started but ended at this:

He: Over the last 20 years of my life I have easily made about RM20M, [blah blah]….. [more blah blah]….. and [finished off with] now expanding the business to make more money!

*Normally at this point I just smile and wish people the best but this time I felt my heart wanting me to engage in a conversation. So, I continued on.*

Elango during his ‘Four Stages of Life’ Workshop

A Surreal Experience In Nepal

I had the most surreal long weekend. Last Friday (20 April 2018), ET Ideas core team comprising Edward, Valsala, Saranjit and I were in Nepal to explore ideas on starting a new business incubator in Nepal with a group of local young and energetic Nepalese entrepreneurs. The core ET Ideas Nepal team is led by Mr Sandeep Dhawa.


Conversations With My Mother (Part 1)

It was a nice morning. I was visiting my mother and we had an interesting conversation. This particular one was about being happy. As usual, we were talking about events happening in her life and in mine. And that led us to the topic – happiness.

Elango with his parents

The Old Has To Give Way To The Young

So what’s the latest news? Well besides the fact that it’s now 2018, the next biggest news might be the fact that Elango Thiyagu has resigned as the CEO of ET Ideas and has passed on his role to Edward Boey, founder of Newwave Synchronizer, successful owner of an international business and an inspiring Gen Y. Elango has also made the decision to completely transfer the shares and all the profit sharing each ET Ideas developed start-ups over the years to the Ascendance start-up (formed last year) – a team of 4 youngsters who are out there empowering other youngsters to follow their Heart, achieve success and find solutions to world problems.

Elango with the new CEO of ET Ideas, Edward Boey, during the 5th ET Ideas Award Nite.

I have to say that if this is the first article you’re reading from ET Ideas, this might be a bit too much to take in. So let’s recap a little.

Followers of the Heart

My recent conversation with Elango on Following Your Heart and how that sets you on a different path in life.

So the project I’m working on currently is about a few selected ‘Followers of the Heart’. These people have spent most of their time living a mundane and systematic life. Nothing wrong with that but as they went through life, something changed. As I listened to their stories I realized that they all came to a point in life where they felt like something was missing. While it was very obvious for some cases, for others it had an indirect but strong impact on their lives.

ET Ideas Associates during the IAVE Volunteer Conference